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Running's Quotes

  It probably won't sink in until I've retired from running but I'm a much better athlete than two years ago.  
 -  Michael East

  I could produce spurts of speed and after taking up athletics I found myself running quite quickly over 400m.  
 -  Michael East

  And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.  
 -  William Shakespeare

  I believe that every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.  
 -  Neil Armstrong

  Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.  
 -  Oprah Winfrey

  In running, I can internalize that intensity. I can handle it because it's me and I'm coming back in the next race. I'm always ready for the next race.  
 -  Donovan Bailey

  I'd like to be a more consistent starter. I'd like a smoother transition from crouching to running. I have to learn to relax during a race and how to breathe.  
 -  Donovan Bailey

  It was a dreamlike time for me from December 1997 to March of '98. Before that, I was basically unknown. Then, bang! The starting gun fired, and everybody just started running. It was learn-on-the-job. And there were more opportunities for work than I had time to do them.  
 -  Ben Affleck

  I love doing action scenes, there's that great thing when you sort of stop acting because if you're running, you're not acting like you're running, you are just actually running.  
 -  Sarah Wayne Callies

  The running across the field thing, that was the first scene we shot in the movie. We asked the audience to stay for the scene, and 37,000 people stayed.  
 -  Jimmy Fallon

  So all the system was running down and collapsing. Mrs. Thatcher became the leader of the Conservative Party in February 1975, and she clearly wanted to strike out and do something different.  
 -  Kenneth Baker

  Every day is a good day when you run.  
 -  Kevin Nelson

  I go running three times a week - outside in the park, come rain or shine, and I hate every moment of it. I hate everything about it. But I know it's important for health reasons and the reason why I run, in particular, is because my stage work is like cardiovascular work so I don't want to lose my breath on stage.  
 -  Paloma Faith

  One thing I was thinking about the other day was you can't even conceive of the kinds of things you can do in movies today. The idea that you could draw, in a computer, dinosaurs and have them running around was totally impossible.  
 -  John Badham

  Running helps me stay on an even keel and in an optimistic frame of mind.  
 -  Bill Clinton

  In this business, by the time you realize you're in trouble, it's too late to save yourself. Unless you're running scared all the time, you're gone.  
 -  Bill Gates

  I may not drink an electrolyte beverage during the race. If I am running in an hour, I won't need one. But if you're running an hour-and-a-half to two hours or more, maybe you need a little bit of the electrolytes.  
 -  Ryan Hall

  I decided to pursue music, so I dropped out of school and I told my parents I didn't want any money from them. I got three jobs and I just hit the ground running.  
 -  Lady Gaga

  When I grew up Carl Lewis was still running, Maurice Greene was running - he was that figure I see, like Michael Johnson. I really wanted to look up to the fast guys - so those two guys were some of the guys I looked up to.  
 -  Tyson Gay

  We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport.  
 -  Alberto Salazar

  In 1978, the tradition of running from village to village with a message was revived. that first run was from Davis to Los Angeles, a distance of 500 miles.  
 -  Dennis Banks

  The Canadian run can be no different, at least in terms of actual running.  
 -  Dennis Banks

  As a writer, it's fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it's a really great job, but that's what it is - a job.  
 -  Alan Ball

  My father didn't think running was sensible. He told me running is just wasting time.  
 -  John White Geary

  I love running and I will always run.  
 -  John White Geary

  Eradicate poverty. This is all that matters in my country. When I am out training I think about this a lot; when I am running it is going over in my mind. As a country we cannot move forward until we eradicate poverty.  
 -  John White Geary

  I always tell young athletes the same thing, 'Wherever you go, whatever you do, what must your top priority be? Running.'  
 -  John White Geary

  I want to avoid injuries by running only road.  
 -  John White Geary

  Since I achieved something, running has exploded in my country. For me sometimes it is difficult even to know who the athletes are who are competing at the highest level. There are thousands.  
 -  John White Geary

  It should not be the government running the economy.  
 -  Quico Canseco

  We're running out of rich people in this country.  
 -  Michele Bachmann

  I go running when I have to. When the ice cream truck is doing sixty.  
 -  Wendy Liebman

  I've been running my whole life. Running into bars, running around the world. But when you have a child, you can't run. That was a revelation.  
 -  Craig Ferguson

  I love running cross country....On a track, I feel like a hamster.  
 -  Robin Williams

  Running with the wrong crowd will never help you.  
 -  Ryan Cabrera

  We've used up a lot of bullets. And we talk about stimulus. But the truth is, we're running a federal deficit that's 9 percent of GDP. That is stimulative as all get out. It's more stimulative than any policy we've followed since World War II.  
 -  Warren Buffett

  Running has never failed to give me great end results, and that's why I keep coming back for more!  
 -  Sasha Azevedo

  Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind.  
 -  Sasha Azevedo

  I try to work out with my personal trainer for an hour, four times a week - we mainly concentrate on weights and running. If I'm on the road I sometimes do DVD work-outs in my hotel room - P90X and Insanity are a couple of my favourites.  
 -  Rio Ferdinand

  I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.  
 -  Ray Bradbury

  With the case of running, it really is a case of get out, set yourself a distance, run it, and then do it again the next day. It's tremendously simple.  
 -  Richard Hammond

  Emmitt Smith is a great running back. One of the things I like about him along with Edgerrin James is that neither one of them 'show out' when they run a touchdown.  
 -  Earl Campbell

  My running style was kind of just head-on, because I couldn't dance.  
 -  Earl Campbell

  When a child is locked in the bathroom with water running and he says he's doing nothing but the dog is barking, call 911.  
 -  Erma Bombeck

  Anybody can be a runner... We were meant to move. We were meant to run. It's the easiest sport.  
 -  Bill Rodgers

  I spend around two and half hours on the track every day running and another 2 hours in the weight room lifting weights with my strength coach.  
 -  Allyson Felix

  I've been shooting the ball and running a little bit. It's just going out here now and forgetting that I've been out and try to get back in and make sure I know what's going on out there on the floor and that we're just not lost as a team.  
 -  Antonio Davis

  Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part of my life - a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me. I will come running wherever they are.  
 -  Princess Diana

  The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.  
 -  Rodney Dangerfield

  My faith inspires me so much. It is the very reason that I run. I feel that my running is completely a gift from God and it is my responsibility to use it to glorify him.  
 -  Allyson Felix

  That is when the crowd really lifted me. That last 600 meters I was not running with my own legs. It was incredible.  
 -  Ashton Eaton

  I've tried everything. I've done therapy, I've done colonics. I went to a psychic who had me running around town buying pieces of ribbon to fill the colors in my aura. Did the Prozac thing.  
 -  Jim Carrey

  There were days when I was literally running for hours in the forest and then I'd jump on a plane and then I'd be on the 'Nurse Jackie' set. I was going from Vancouver to New York every three days. For me, it was really invigorating.  
 -  Peter Facinelli

  Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that's what everybody needs to know.  
 -  Clint Eastwood

  As you get older, you're not afraid of doubt. Doubt isn't running the show. You take out all the self-agonizing.  
 -  Clint Eastwood

  You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.  
 -  Anatole France

  I've got a running machine which I try and use, but it's just finding the time. Don't get me wrong, I love cake and ice cream; I'm the kind of girl that, if I want something, I'll have it.  
 -  Rebecca Ferguson

  If you think about it now, it's kind of ridiculous. All these hot girls on Baywatch in tiny little red bathing suits running around saving lives.  
 -  Carmen Electra

  The greatest stimulator of my running career was fear.  
 -  Herb Elliott

  Once you become an actor, it's important to take care of yourself. I live in Santa Monica, where I can mountain bike, hike and go running on the beach. I like a nice sunset jog.  
 -  Mark Feuerstein

  When I was running 'round in America, about 30 years old, I didn't want no woman. I knowed I could make enough money to take care of myself, but I didn't want nobody to take care of.  
 -  David Edwards