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Wedding's Quotes

  People's hands fascinate me. It's tempting to look at a businessman's left hand and see if there's an indentation from a missing wedding ring. Or maybe there's a tan line and the skin is pressed down where's he's worked a ring off his finger.  
 -  Benedict Cumberbatch

  That to me was the most poignant part of Diana's wedding; as she was walking up the aisle and her eyes were going left to right, looking at people and smiling in the way that Diana did - and that diamond tiara glittering like mad. It was great.  
 -  Bruce Oldfield

  My family is almost exactly like the one in 'Monsoon Wedding'. We are very open, fairly liberal, loud people.  
 -  Mira Nair

  A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes.  
 -  Joseph Addison

  I saw a photograph of a wedding conducted by Reverend Moon of the Unification Church. I wanted to understand this event, and the only way to understand it was to write about it.  
 -  Don DeLillo

  A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.  
 -  Paul Sweeney

  I was a bridesmaid at a wedding in one picture.  
 -  Dorothy Malone

  A wedding is a funeral where you smell your own flowers.  
 -  Eddie Cantor

  In the '50s, a lot of girls never saw beyond the wedding day.  
 -  Helen Reddy

  My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher.  
 -  Ronald Reagan

  Narciso Rodriguez was my first fashion big brother. He made my wedding dress, which was wonderful.  
 -  Claire Danes

  The woman cries before the wedding; the man afterward.  
 -  Oliver Wendell Holmes

  The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.  
 -  Woody Allen

  Monica Seles: I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night.  
 -  Peter Ustinov

  In my 50s I'll be dancing at my children's weddings.  
 -  Michael J. Fox

  An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court.  
 -  William Feather

  As a pastor, you get invited into the most poignant moments of people's lives. Whether it's a wedding or a funeral or a hospital visit, you get invited into the center of the event, whether or not you know the people.  
 -  Rob Bell

  I can wear a sexy dress to any red carpet event. My wedding is my chance to go all the way and wear a princess silhouette.  
 -  Roselyn Sanchez

  The wedding took place in Vermont, where they have legalized gay civil unions, and I married a woman.  
 -  Craig Ferguson

  I think if you're at the point where you're popular enough to sell your wedding photos to OK! Magazine then you don't need the money.  
 -  Johnny Vegas

  Our dog died from licking our wedding picture.  
 -  Phyllis Diller

  I sang a song at my sister's wedding. My mother forced me into that, too. But that one felt all right.  
 -  Adam Sandler

  Talk six times with the same single lady and you may get the wedding dress ready.  
 -  Lord Byron

  I would absolutely, definitely never sell my wedding pictures to a magazine. I'd like it to be a special day, not a photo shoot. And once you've done that, your marriage becomes everybody else's business.  
 -  Katherine Jenkins

  I am usually part of any disaster at a wedding if I'm a bridesmaid, which I've been lucky enough to be several times.  
 -  Jennifer Garner

  I love a black wedding dress.  
 -  Vera Wang

  When I decided to get married at 40, I couldn't find a dress with the modernity or sophistication I wanted. That's when I saw the opportunity for a wedding gown business.  
 -  Vera Wang

  I wanted to define the vocabulary of a wedding both visually and intellectually. The book is about more than weddings or wedding dresses. It's a metaphor for women's lives, their creativity.  
 -  Vera Wang

  When I design a wedding dress with a bustle, it has to be one the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great.  
 -  Vera Wang

  I wear my wedding ring. We talk about when we're going to get married again, which we hope is going to take place some time in this incredibly hectic calendar year.  
 -  Jim Lampley

  You have to make your wedding day all about you.  
 -  Young Jeezy

  It's always great to have things from France at a wedding. It's symbolic of style, of culture, of taste.  
 -  Andre Leon Talley

  Valentino made my day suit for the wedding of Paloma Picasso in Paris.  
 -  Andre Leon Talley

  I'm taking one thing at a time. With the children and launching my solo career it would drive me to a nervous breakdown if I tried to organise a wedding on top of that.  
 -  Natasha Hamilton

  Wedding is destiny, And hanging likewise.  
 -  Proverb